Oliver Lee

Thanks for the appeal. It worked at POPLA, so ticket cancelled and it’s game over for the parking company. Unsurprisingly the parking company rejected it, they just wanted my money, don’t care about the law or ethics at all do they.

Chris Ewuing

“I can’t believe Asda would use someone who tickets their own customers! Anyway, the signs were not lit so I didn’t even know I could stay over for 2 hours. This tool gave me a loophole to get out of it”

Jane Welsh

“I’m disabled with a wheelchair, it takes me a little longer to get out of the car. I got a ticket in a disabled bay as the parking company gave me NO EXTRA TIME. These people treated me like vermin and have no humanity. I used the disabled ground of appeal on the tool based on the Equality Act and this seemed to scare them off, I never heard back. I am now writing to my MP.”