Challenge unfair parking tickets for free!!

If you get a parking ticket on private land, you should attempt to appeal it within 14 days. Ignoring private PCNs no longer works as a strategy (even in Scotland). In 2018 private parking companies are one of the largest users of the court system, issuing tens of thousands of claims annually to recover their charges. This tool has been written specifically to generate a customised parking ticket appeal letter template so you can fight any wrongful private Parking Charge Notice and stand your ground. It is free to use, and you can deploy any of the grounds listed below.

  • I accidentally entered the wrong license plate on my permit
  • I paid to park / own a permit
  • I have a parking space in a residential block
  • The parking signs were not clearly visible and I did not see them
  • The ticket machine(s) were out of order
  • I overstayed because I am disabled / injured
  • The parking ticket came in the post after 14 days
  • I did not overstay
  • I only overstayed by 10 mins or less
  • I needed to sleep
  • I did not own the car
  • I was not driving the car
  • I was breastfeeding the child
  • Paying this ticket would cause me undue hardship
  • I was acting under an emergency
  • I got the ticket when parking somewhere outside of England / Wales

After using our tool, it may even be possible to counter-sue the parking firm and win hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Click here to find out more.

Testimonials of those who appealed and won

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