If a parking company or debt collector has treated you particularly unfairly, you may be able to sue them back for unfair practices. This is known as counterclaiming. You do not even have to go to court to do this. You should be able to win £1,000 or more.

To do this you must meet some conditions to have a reasonable chance of winning.

First, you have tried to exhaust all avenues of appeal. In order for you to look reasonable, you must give them a chance to fix the problem. You cannot be too trigger-happy with the counterclaiming.

Second, you should have appealed using one of the grounds in the appeals tool. These are reasons which I am confident are likely to mean that, at law, the ticket is not valid, and so the parking company looks very unreasonable in attempting to pursue the matter further.

For example, you appeal because did not see the signs – they were not prominent – maybe it was night time and they are not lit – or maybe you overstayed because you have a disability that affects your ability to move about. Whatever the reason, these are ones that are included in the appeals tool, and the parking company still insists you must pay the ticket. Now they are acting unreasonably, and are likely to be breaching consumer law.

I will eventually write a counter-claim tool, but for now my focus is on making the appeals tool as useful as possible.

How to counterclaim

If you feel you have a good counter-claim, get in contact  at michael [[at@]] with a brief background to what’s happened, and how it has affected you. Payouts should start at £1,000 minimum.