Appeals tool

Click here to access the tool.

You can use the appeals tool to generate an appeal automatically. Note it only applies for private parking tickets, not local authority ones.

You can appeal on the following grounds.

  • I did not see the signs
  • I paid to park / own a permit
  • I accidentally entered the wrong license plate on my permit
  • Ticket machines were out of order
  • I overstayed because I am disabled / injured
  • The parking ticket came in the post after 14 days
  • I did not overstay
  • I only overstayed by 10 mins or less
  • I needed to sleep
  • I did not own the car
  • I was not driving the car
  • I was breastfeeding the child
  • Paying this ticket would cause me undue hardship
  • I was acting under an emergency
  • I got the ticket when parking somewhere outside of England / Wales

Note there might be other grounds to appeal, but I just have not thought of them. If you are able to suggest one that works that I should include, do get in contact.

You can still try other ways to get the ticket cancelled, by complaining to the landowner / company / employer (depending on how you got your ticket).