Appeals tool

It is possible to get a private parking ticket cancelled on appeal. This is far better than ignoring the parking charge, because since 2015 the tickets are being followed up with recovery through the civil courts (with the final sum payable becoming £200-400).

This tool will automatically generate an appeal letter. It costs £6 to use, and you can deploy any of the grounds listed below.


  • I accidentally entered the wrong license plate on my permit
  • I paid to park / own a permit
  • The parking signs were not clearly visible and I did not see them
  • The ticket machine(s) were out of order
  • I overstayed because I am disabled / injured
  • The parking ticket came in the post after 14 days
  • I did not overstay
  • I only overstayed by 10 mins or less
  • I needed to sleep
  • I did not own the car
  • I was not driving the car
  • I was breastfeeding the child
  • Paying this ticket would cause me undue hardship
  • I was acting under an emergency
  • I got the ticket when parking somewhere outside of England / Wales

Success is not guaranteed, but the grounds above are the best legal merits available, should the matter ultimately end up in court. Note there is very limited customer support available for this tool, given the low cost to use it. The only exception to this concerns technical or computer errors encountered when using the tool: these are of course covered by support, so you can generate an appeal and get on with it.

The appeal letter generated is designed for an appeal to a parking company, by which I mean the first stage of the appeal (and not POPLA or the IAS, which is the second-stage of appeal). However, the defences offered by the tool would be equally be useful at the second stage.

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