This is a big one. I'm accusing a government department of corruption, and of colluding with the parking companies. Thankfully everything is evidenced. Let's begin!

*Background note: most private car parks ask the DVLA for your address, so they can send a 'fine' in the post. Ticketing officers are not common anymore.

So what's the answer? Is the DVLA making a profit or is it using tax-payer money to subsidise? The answer is not clear. What is clear is that the DVLA has not kept to a consistent story in its public statements. And the figures they have given to explain the £2.84 cost are not satisfactory. It is likely they are making a juicy profit to subsidise their other activities.

Thanks for reading this far! Now I'd like to ask you: sign up on the website, and then get others to sign up too. By doing so you'll help me get this to court – I need to find as many people whose data has been sold on as possible. Once in court, we can then find out the legality of all of this, and get people compensated if it wins...